Heretic Productions Heretic Productions

We make darkly comic films imbued with plenty of pathos and a splash of the surreal.

Our favourite stories centre around outsiders, underdogs, complex family dynamics and, of course, dysfunctional relationships.

We’re always looking for new projects to develop with like-minded writers and directors.

Amille Jampa-Ngoen

Amille graduated from the National Film and Television School with a diploma in Writing and Producing Comedy in 2020. The aim was to quit her job as a drug development scientist, but then the pandemic hit. Needless to say she has forcibly remained in employment but continues to write, produce and script edit. She’s always been fascinated by characters with sociopathic ambitions and definitely anything to do with death, which is honestly all she’ll talk about at your birthday party.


Dan Boaden

Dan is the more likeable and approachable of the two, with the crushed idealism of someone who at one point completed a Masters in International Peace and Security. He has almost a decade of experience working for production companies, producing and directing mostly documentaries for the big and small screen. He does all the budgets for Heretic despite the fact that Amille has 2.5 scientific degrees, because he enjoys it, not because he’s an absolute misogynist.

We advocate strongly for better representation both in front and behind the camera, adoption of the Living Wage as the lowest established rate and environmental sustainability for all our film productions. Basically, we want to seem like good people. But seriously, these are very important issues for us and changes we’d like to help enact within the industry.